Hey everyone Dave Richards here, I just want to take a moment and thank you guys so much for visiting my blog. After living the paleolithic lifestyle for 2 years now, I decided I wanted to share all my great recipes with my friends, family, and everyone else who is as passionate about living the paleo way as much as I am. Now I wouldn’t even be here typing this right now if it wasn’t for one of my good friends from high school, Tom who recommended I try the paleolithic diet and the new paleo recipe book after he had so much success with it, so I said why not? I’ll give it a shot seeing how unhealthy my eating habits were back then and I can honestly say I have never looked back ever since because the way I see it, if you feed your body the kind of foods it was actually “meant” to eat then that’s how you make your body truly happy, its what mother nature intended for us to eat. And after flipping through the new paleo recipe book I would say it couldn’t have been any easier to live the paleolithic lifestyle, with over 372 delicious recipes in 18 categories you’ll never have a boring day in the kitchen, its one of those recipe books I always keep on the kitchen table, but in the meantime ill be posting some delicious paleo recipes every week for you guys, Hope you enjoy!